Dorset Spice Shed Jurassic Inferno Seasoning


The first time we made this it blew us away – and not because it’s scorchio – it’s hot but not GBH hot. No, the addition of red jalapeno gives this blend a delicious fruitiness that makes it a versatile flavour-booster for all kinds of food – that and the lashings of garlic. Use it as an ingredient in stir-fries, in tomatoey sauces for pasta, for boosting vegan dishes using meat substitutes, on roast squash, to give a kick to your baked beans and on skinny chicken breasts to give them some oomph. That’s as far as we’ve experimented but we’ve only just begun…

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Sea salt (80%), chilli flake, garlic, paprika, crushed red jalapeno, cayenne

Blended and packed in the UK

Intended for use as a seasoning

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