At the Thorner’s Farm Shop we have over 50 organic, loose, self-serve products for you to choose from. This includes cereals, pulses, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, dried herbs and even your favourite childhood sweets! Our Zero-Waste dispensers help to reduce the amount of wasted packaging along with reducing the amount of excess product that goes to waste!

Dry Foods Refill

To live Zero-Waste is to eliminate (or drastically reduce) the products that get sent to landfill and recycling centres. As you glance out your window at your bins, you may think this seems unrealistic and unattainable. However, making small changes and conscious choices we now know this is doable and much easier than you initially think. We are always looking at new ways to reduce the amount of waste from our Farm Shop and we are working to introduce better and more environmentally friendly packaging across our entire range of products.

Milk Refill station

If you’re looking to reduce your single use plastic even further, why not utilise our new Milk Refill Station. Launched with Trewithen Dairy, our new milk refill machines enable you to refill glass bottles with fresh, Somerset milk. Did you know the Pergal boxes hold 13.6 litres of milk! By using your one litre resealable glass bottle and the self-serve milk system, you could be helping to prevent up to 14 plastic milk bottles from being used. You can purchase a new one litre reusable glass bottle and fill it with pasteurised, semi skimmed or whole milk.

Zero Packaging Freezer Items

At the Farm Shop we have also added a self-serve freezer packed with frozen veg, seasonal fruits and a variety of bakery items. What’s better than waking up to freshly baked Croissants or Pain au Chocolat! You can bring along your own Tupperware containers or use our free bio degradable plastic bags. Simply scoop the required amount and weigh at the till. Simple!

Meat counter

Meet Colin, our resident butcher here at our Farm Shop! He makes sure you receive the very best cuts of meat whether you shop in store or online. He can even guide you through every cut and tell you where it was sourced, how to cook it and what it tastes like! Here at Thorner’s we only use the best quality West Country meat, reared by British farmers. We’ve forged relationships with farms and suppliers who care as much about the quality, flavour and origin of food as we do.