About our Famous Somerset Kitchen

Definitely one to write home about, our kitchen boasts award winning premium handmade pies, quiches, savouries, ready meals, desserts and not forgetting delicious home baked cakes. Each one of our pies are hand crimped and individually filled, giving them that unmistakable homemade appearance and flavour that they are so famous for. Our kitchen range is available from our Farm Shop here in Somerset, online through our website, and through independent retailers across the South West.

“The proof is in the pies”

Ever wondered how we make our pies? They are one of our most popular products here at Thorner’s. Starting with our handmade pastry, we then add a generous helping of our own blend of fillings.

Discover how we create our award winning pies made fresh everyday!

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How we make our Pies!

Firstly, the pastry is made in a big mixer before it is poured in a lined crate, ready to be used for the bases and lids. Using a blocking machine, the foils are then lined with the pastry. The blocking machine has 3 different sized blocks so we can fit large, medium and small foils. There are 11 main pie mixes that are made daily in our Somerset Kitchen.

Creating the signature look

We then set up a table with scales, our flavourful pie mixture, a spoon, a jug of whisked egg and a brush, a poker/knife, an all essential pie lid and a large cooking tray. Fresh pastry then goes into a compressor, the lid is pulled down and the pastry is magnificently compressed together into a perfect rectangle. Once bases and lids are shaped, the pastry base is then glazed with the whisked egg.

The filling

Before scooping into the pie, we make sure to mix the filling with the spoon to make sure it is equal amounts of gravy to meat ratio. With the spoon, we scoop the mixture into the base to the correct weight and continue this for the amount needed. Next, we place a lid onto of the pie base and crimp the rim.

Time to cook

Once we have a tray of pies lidded, we glaze the top of the pie with egg, place the correct shape for identification on top and glaze over again. Using the knife we then stab twice through the lid, making 2 little holes. When a whole rack is complete it will then get a tag written for it, for amounts of which flavours and sizes are on the rack. Finally we set the oven to the required setting for pies and put the rack into the oven when at the correct temperature.

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