This month we will begin to supply a range of fresh butchery and seafood products to Getir. A new grocery delivery service based in London.

Through its mobile app, Getir offers an on-demand “ultrafast” delivery service for grocery products. Originally launched in Turkey, Getir has an already proven the model in major cities across the country. With their app, residents in London zones one and two can order from a range of products. Customers will also receive their delivery to their door within as little as 10 minutes!

Users will have the choice of our range of premium butchery meat. This will include our everyday chicken breasts, to our grass fed succulent beef lines. We will also offer a selection of roasting joints, perfect for a last minute roast or evening dinner party.

This is an exciting opportunity to showcase our fabulous range of Somerset products to the heart of the capitol.

For more information visit the Getir website.