LadBaby with Thorner's Delivery Box

It’s official – our sausage rolls have been celebrity approved! Last month we sent a delicious selection of our finest handmade products to Social Media star, LadBaby (aka Nottingham-born Mark Hoyle) and his wife Roxanne (aka LadBabyMum).

The couple shot to fame in 2018 when they beat global music superstars Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey to the hallowed number one spot, with a parody of Starship’s ‘We Built This City’ – singing “We built this city on… sausage rolls!”.

They then did it again when they took on Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Lewis Capaldi and Dua Lipa in 2019 to take the Christmas no.1 spot with a parody of Joan Jett’s ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ – singing instead “I love sausage rolls!”.

Using our brand new and improved Thorner’s Delivered service, LadBaby was certainly full of excitement as he opened our parcel of tasty treats, cooked from our kitchens here in Pylle. We also included a selection of our award-winning pies for them to sample, but it appeared LadBaby was more interested in the selection of our Handmade Sausage Rolls! (I mean, he’s a self-proclaimed sausage roll enthusiast… who can blame him?).

Their hilarious review of our sausage rolls had over 6 million Facebook and Instagram views and, as a result, we are so excited to have sold over 300 individual Sausage Rolls in the period after the video was posted! We create our own bespoke recipes under the watchful eye of our Head Chef John, more commonalty known as John Chef. Using our famous pastry, our Sausage Rolls are packed with Free Range Pork and blended with a range of different flavours. These include our Free Range Sausage Roll, Black Pudding Sausage Roll, Vegan Sausage Roll and our own Glastonbury Spicy Sausage Roll.

So, the final verdict? A ‘Posh Sausage’ says LadBabyMum. We’ll take it!

Thanks so much to LadBaby and LadyBabyMum for their review and for supporting small businesses like ours. Why not review our selection of fabulous pastry treats for yourself? Available to purchase online and in stores.

You can also watch the whole video review on our Facebook here!

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