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Certified B Corporation

We are thrilled to announce that as part of Hunt's Food Group, we are now a certified B Corporation!

This certification is an important milestone for the company. It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to using our business to positively impact our colleagues, customers, communities and the planet.

At Hunt's Food Group, we are passionate about using our business as a force for good. That's why we have always been committed to distributing high-quality products for trusted supply chains and making changes to our operation where possible to ensure we do what's best for our customers, colleagues, and communities while reducing waste and cutting carbon. Becoming a B Corp is a natural extension of our values. We are proud to join a growing community of companies committed to creating a better world. 

Our journey to achieving a B Corp certification started around a year ago when we noticed a lot of the internal changes we were implementing ran parallel to those of the B Corp movement, such as becoming carbon neutral by 2025, using trusted quality suppliers, pledging £150,000 per year to charitable giving, implementing a company advisory group to ensure we have the best possible workspaces and a social workplace plus much more! 

What does being a B Corp company mean? Becoming a B Corp means we have met rigorous social and environmental performance standards, accountability, and transparency. This certification is a testament to our commitment to ensuring that Hunt's Food Group positively impacts the world.

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